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Plexus SLiM Products Weight Loss

Plexus SLiM Products

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An Overview of Plexus Slim Products

Plexus Worldwide is combating the nations overweight and obesity issue by introducing the Plexus SLiM Products line (aka “The Pink Drink”). According to the CDC, Americans are consistently gaining weight every year for the last three decades. Being overweight has grown from 65.2% in 2000 to 68.5% of the nation in 2010, of those 30.3% were obese in 2000 and went up to 35.9% in 2010. It is no surprise that an average American is overweight and growing closer to being obese.

Statistically, the odds are against us and that is where Plexus Slim steps in to help us out. It is no doubt that most of us don’t have time and are completely drained at the end of a long workday/workweek, that is not a problem with the Plexus Slim Products Line Up.

Plexus Slim is a Healthy and All Natural dietary drink supplement that helps you lose fat (not muscle) and bring your blood sugar, cholesterol and lipid levels to a healthy balance.

Plexus Accelerator is a pill-form supplement that kick starts your diet, increases your energy. When used with Plexus Slim, it often results in rapid weight reduction. *Contains Natural Caffeine and is not recommended for those who are caffeine sensitive.

Plexus 96 is a “meal replacement” protein powdered shake designed to support your nutritional needs. As mentioned before, many of us do not have time at our disposal and may skip meals as a result. That is where Plexus 96 comes in and gives us a shot of protein with a delicious water/milk soluble solution.

ProBio5 is a pill-form enzyme supplement that reduces sugar cravings, lethargy, bloating, restlessness and brain “fog”.

Bio Cleanse is a pill-form detox system. It helps oxygenate and energize your body, enhances weight reduction and relieves constipation.

Not ALL Plexus Slim Products Have to be Used at One Time

Any or all of these can help you reach your ideal weight depending on your natural make up (aka genetics), tolerance and physical shape. You do not need to take all products at one time and may only use one or two as needed. Plexus Slim is the primary product that the Plexus Diet is centered around, all other products assist providing alternative functions that may improve your overall health and wellness.

I personally have used all of the listed products both individually and combined. My most noted weight reduction came from the first 3 months of Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator. Best sleep and energy levels came when using ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse. While I did use Plexus 96, it has no noticeable effects because of it being a protein meal supplement and my appetite was already suppressed by other products.

Some people should not take certain supplements, of any type. While many people with health problems have used these products and saw a great impact (sometimes resulting in lowering the need for medications), it would be wise to consult your doctor if you have a heart or cardiovascular condition.

More information is provided on each product in the Bold links above. Please submit your unanswered Questions or Concerns to our Discussion page by creating a new topic.

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Plexus 96 – Meal Replacement

Plexus 96

Plexus 96 – Meal Replacement

If you are like many people who have to leave the house early every morning without breakfast, then Plexus 96 is what you need to start the day right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of the most popular and beneficial weight loss shakes in the world, it contains at least 20 vitamins and minerals so you don’t feel starved or burdened by the urge to snack in between meals.
This delicious and easy to use high protein drink is another successful product manufactured by Plexus Worldwide, and it provides 15 grams of protein so you are already getting 30% of the body’s daily protein requirement. The instructions are fairly simple; all you need is one package of Plexus 96, 8 0z of water and a few ice cubes to add that refreshing touch. Just combine the water, ice and packet of the powder, shake and your healthy meal will be in the palm of your hand so you can grab and go. This multipurpose drink will replenish your energy and boost your metabolism so you can easily manage your weight.

Plexus 96: How does it work?

The process of losing weight should be a hassle-free, easy and fun-filled experience and you shouldn’t have to starve yourself to shed a few pounds. Plexus 96 is the perfect accessory when attempting to lose weight as the body’s nutritional needs are targeted by the essential vitamins and minerals in the ingredients. Cravings are also kept well under control until it is time for the next meal to be consumed. This is very important when you’re trying to keep the calorie count as low as possible without disrupting the body’s metabolic processes.
Energy retention is another vital role that Plexus 96 plays in the entire process of weight loss. In the body, glucose is used for energy and if there is a surplus amount, the body releases an enzyme called insulin that converts excess glucose to Glycogen which is stored. During intense activity, amino acids are depleted and Glycogen is converted back to glucose to be used as energy. This is where Plexus 96 stages an intervention and recharges the body’s energy reserves so you don’t feel drained throughout the day.

The Benefits of Plexus 96

Composed of high-quality whey protein that helps to promote healthy muscle growth Substantial weight loss due to an increase in the body’s metabolic rate, restore lost energy by maintaining high levels of blood glucose to keep the body going Contains amino acids which are essential for the repair, growth and maintenance of the body’s cells.

ProBio5 and Weight Loss


Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you have a difficult time trying figure out what the problem is? Well, you may be having a hard time losing weight because your body is experiencing Candida or Yeast over growth. ProBio5 is a dietary supplement that provides a lot of benefits especially when it comes to dealing with these bacteria. Most of us are unaware that these organisms are living inside us until symptoms such as anxiety, heartburn, indigestion, heartburn, anxiety, food allergies, irritability, menstrual problems or migraines occur.

It is a proven fact that Candida hinders weight loss and is a proven obstacle for individuals struggling with this issue because when there is too much of this bacteria in the body, it merges with the fatty cells. When this occurs, it normally makes the fat almost impossible to get rid of. Most people realize that their body weight is reduced as soon as the Candida overgrowth is under control. guarantees relief from fungal infections so you can slim down with ease.

How does ProBio5 work?

ProBio5 comprises of five probiotic ingredients, added enzymes, a friendly bacterium known as intestinal flora, Vitamin B6 and grape seed extract which is a powerful antioxidant. All these ingredients are combined in a ProBio5 capsule and work together to form an effective weight loss system. Without the necessary help from chemicals called enzymes, our bodies have to work very hard to digest the food that we eat as well as perform other vital processes to keep us healthy. ProBio5 contains all the necessary enzymes that the body needs to break down the food that we consume as well as eradicate the harmful organisms and toxic substances that affect performance.

The Benefits of Using ProBio5

In terms of dosage, ProBio5 should be taken during evening meals or when retiring to bed so that proper maintenance can occur. Taking two to four capsules at the same hour to achieve your desired results is optional. Each bottle contains 60 capsules can resolve quite a few problems over a 6 to 8 week period so you can enjoy the following benefits:

ProBio5 removes Candida or yeast and other fungal organisms from the body so that weight loss can be accomplishedProbiotic balance in the intestine becomes balanced so that nutrients can be absorbed properlyProvided relief from Candida or yeast symptoms such as acne, anxiety, dry flaky skin, allergies, lethargy, allergies, acne, and migraines to name a few

Don’t waste time and money stressing over the unnecessary and unproductive crazy diet routine. ProBio5 guarantees proper health and a stress free weight loss solution through the removal of annoying bacterial overgrowth.

What is it? a Plexus Slim Review

Plexus Slim ReviewPlexus Slim Review


If you are looking to lose weight, but do not seem to be accomplishing the results that you would like and if you are not satisfied with the slow and sometimes hard-to-notice changes for the better with your health, Plexus Slim can offer you a healthy weight-loss supplement that will not only give you dramatic and noticeable results, but save you from the risks and dangers of more extreme products that can prove counter-productive and unhealthy if used improperly.

Plexus Slim: What is It?

Plexus Slim, unlike many other weight-loss supplements frequently marketed to give you dramatic results in weight-loss, is a natural product that is meant to focus, not on deteriorating your body or the cells which store fat, but to boost the natural functions of your body that are pre-designed to keep you healthy and fit. This means providing essential acids and antioxidants to boost your body’s ability to naturally and healthily burn fat and calories while maintaining a safe and healthy method of weight-loss. Many products designed to supplement your weight-loss can have detrimental side effects that can make you question whether or not these products are more dangerous than beneficial. If a product is likely to harm your body rather than help it, why opt to accept these unnecessary risks? Plexus Slim adds valuable fiber and acids to your body in the form of a natural dietary supplement that does not attack your body the way that many other weight-loss supplements do, but works to promote healthy and natural bodily functions while providing positive effects in addition to noticeable weight-loss.

What Does Plexus Slim Do?

Plexus Slim works in one respect as a healthy appetite suppressant that leaves your body feeling satiated and full with significantly less food than you may normally take in. By sending messages to your brain that signal reactions that let your body know that you do not need to continue to eat large amounts, Plexus Slim can help you overcome one of the largest factors in weight-gain which is habitual overeating. By allowing your body to acknowledge that the food you have taken in is enough to be satisfied and full, you can focus on other healthy activities and not dedicate so much of your body’s functions to the intake of unnecessary food and calories.

In addition to working as an effective appetite suppressant, Plexus Slim helps to boost your body’s metabolism. This means that your body can break down fat and calories much faster than before, which will allow you to more quickly extract the essential nutrients that you get from your food while avoiding the side-effects of a lower metabolism which leaves unprocessed food in your body for longer periods of time. Much of what contributes to a buildup of excess fat is the body’s inability to break down and properly make use of the fats taken in before more is consumed. By boosting your metabolism, Plexus Slim helps speed up the body’s process of breaking down fats which will decrease the amount of excess fat being stored in your body.

Instead of acting as its own independent and harmful destroyer of fat, Plexus Slim boosts the natural functions that allow your body to make more effective and healthy use of the fats that you take in. While many weight-loss supplements boast their fat-burning qualities, Plexus Slim works not to attack your body but to assist it in all of its natural fat-burning capacities. This is far less harmful and results in far fewer negative side-effects than many of these other weight-loss supplements.

Ingredients of Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim has a list of natural and healthy ingredients which include beet root extract, alpha lipoic acid, citric acid, chromium, citrin K, glycemic index maltodextrin, grape skin extract, lo han extract, oxypregnane steroidal glycoside, and stevia extract. Of these, four (citric acid, glycemic index maltodextrin, lo han extract, and stevia extract) are used to entirely to improve the flavor of the supplement and are all naturally sweet ingredients that are not harmful to the body but simply make the taste of Plexus Slim sweeter and more pleasant to the consumer. The rest are all natural ingredients that promote healthy natural bodily functions and help to boost your body’s energy levels, speeds up the body’s conversion process for such things as glucose and carbohydrates, and helps to naturally suppress your appetite while speeding up the body’s processes meant to maintain healthy weight and nutritional balances.

Pros of using Plexus Slim

· Acts as a healthy and natural appetite suppressant

· Boosts your body’s metabolism

· Acts in harmony with natural bodily functions to effectively utilize fats

· Contains ingredients known to reduce the risk of diabetes

· Contains ingredients that can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure

· Maximizes and speeds up body’s natural ability to break down food and fats

· Safe to use

· Effective and produces noticeable, healthy results

· Very few negative side effects

Cons of using Plexus Slim

· Some users reported feeling a little gassy after use

Read another Plexus Slim Review about how it has personally changed my life!

Plexus Fast Relief and Nerve Health

Plexus Slim Fast Relief

Plexus Worldwide: More Than a Weight Loss Company


Plexus Worldwide is a company which strives to promote weight-loss, pain management, and breast health in people of all ages using natural products that give real results. One particularly notable aspect of their work are their products for pain management, such as their “Fast Relief” capsules and cream meant to help you deal with symptomatic pain that may be caused by trauma, injury, nerve damage, or chronic medical conditions. Let us examine each of these products individually to identify their effects and advantages.

Plexus Fast Relief Capsules Nerve Health Support

Plexus Worldwide offers one pain management product meant to relieve the symptoms caused by nerve damage and deterioration. Chronic pain often occurs as a result of some serious injury which may have caused nerve damage in the affected area, particularly in the back and the neck. “Fast Relief” Nerve Health Support by Plexus can not only help to reduce the painful symptoms of possible nerve damage, but is formulated to promote nerve growth, and has the potential to induce regrowth of the damaged nerves in your body, potentially eliminating you nerve-related pain.

“Fast Relief” Capsules

Plexus “Fast Relief” capsules can be taken to reduce pain and inflammation on a more long-term scale. Many people have testified that by taking these capsules as recommended, they have been able to not only manage, but live without their pain for longer and have been able to live more fulfilling lives because of it. “Fast Relief” capsules contain all natural ingredients that are meant to protect the body’s cells, joints, and tissues from pain and inflammation, reduce the swelling and pain in aching, damaged joints and tissues, and promotes proper use of the body’s natural inflammatory capacities. And if that isn’t enough, these “Fast Relief” capsules have no side effects! These capsules can be a great investment and a good choice for someone looking for long-term pain relief.

“Fast Relief” Cream

The Plexus “Fast Relief” products, although just as beneficial individually, are meant to be used as a system, promoting thorough and in-depth pain management. The “Fast Relief” cream is a topical cream used to quickly and effectively reduce bodily pains. If you are suffering from an ache or pain, whether it be caused by injury, trauma, or some preexisting condition, “Fast Relief” cream can offer you the temporary relief you need to get through within only a few minutes of application. It is a simple product that uses natural ingredients to relieve painful symptoms and isn’t greasy like some other pain-relief creams, manufactured to even have a pleasing and aromatic smell.

This product is most effective when used in addition to the “Fast Relief” capsules, completing the entire Plexus pain management system and providing not only the temporarily soothing relief of a cream, but the long-term effective relief of the capsules, giving you the opportunity and the ability to live a life totally pain free. The Plexus “Fast Relief” pain relief system can help you improve the condition of your body by using natural ingredients to promote your body’s natural functions, and would be worth a try to anyone experiencing chronic pain. Give yourself some relief and use “Fast Relief” by Plexus Worldwide.

Plexus SLiM Accelerator +

Plexus Slim Accelerator+ contains the following (per 2 capsule serving):


  • Niacin (as Niacinamide) 10mg
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 15mg
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 250mcg
  • Folic Acid 200mcg
  • Calcium (as Calcium Glycinate) 25mg
  • Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate) 750mcg

Proprietary Blend 475mg

Proprietary Blend contains:

Yerba Mate (liex paraguariensis) Leaf Extract, Higenamine, Hordenine, Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) Leaf Extract, 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophane from Griffonia simblicifolia Seed Extract), Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaf Extract

Important: Plexus Accelerator+ was designed as a companion product to Plexus Slim. We recommend you do not use Accelerator+ alone.

Directions: Take one capsule in the morning with Plexus Slim. Take with food rather than on an empty stomach. Another capsule may be taken with lunch if desired. If desired, an additional Plexus Slim may also be taken with lunch. Avoid taking later in the afternoon as sleep may be impaired. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Accelerator+ should be taken only to help jump start the weight loss benefits of Plexus Slim. If you are taking Plexus Slim strictly for non-weight related health benefits, Accelerator+is not necessary. Do not exceed suggested use of Plexus Worldwide, Inc. products.

Warnings:  Plexus Worldwide, Inc. products are not intended for expectant or nursing mothers. If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular condition, please consult with a physician before taking this product. Not intended for children under the age of 18. Avoid taking Plexus Worldwide, Inc. products with cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, PPA, or products containing high amounts of caffeine. Before starting this or any other supplementation, consult a physician first. If unpleasant effects occur, discontinue use.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Fast Relief Cream Review

Reviewof Plexus Fast Relief Cream

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Using the Plexus Fast Relief Cream is easy, rub a small amount on an area that gives you pain and within a short amount of time that pain will begin to fade away.

Over this past year I began to use the Plexus Fast Relief Cream for back and neck pain. Having fast and sharp pains that come routinely is not something I enjoy. Having tried many products, I decided to give this cream a crack at it. Using a quarter sized amount, I would rub it on the affected area. First there would be a cooling effect and then a warm effect would follow. Amazingly enough, within minutes the pain would subside and go away shortly thereafter.

I have also done this same thing for my elbows, knees and hands. Suffering from from carpal tunnel, I would apply the cream as if it were a lotion. Sometimes wearing gloves over top of my hands to increase the effects. A small amount provides relief that lasts for hours.

My wife suffers from migraines. While they don’t occur frequently, they come on extremely strong when she does have them. Typically, over the counter medicines don’t work and we aren’t the type of people to go to the doctor for EVERYTHING under the sun. She took some non prescription pain relief pills early in the day but they did not help. After being instructed by another Ambassador, she rubbed a small portion across her forehead and within 5-10 minutes all was feeling better.

I am convinced that the Plexus Fast Relief Cream works and will add to this post as I discover more ways that it has helped me.

Plexus SLiM Accelerator – Faster Weight Loss

Plexus SLiM Accelerator

Plexus SLiM Accelerator

Plexus Slim Accelerator contains the following (per 2 capsule serving):

  • Proprietary Weight Loss Formula* 404 mg
  • Trace Mineral Blend 100 mg
  • Calcium (Seaweed-Derived) 60 mg
  • Magnesium (Seaweed-Derived) 30 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 10 mg

*Dark Chocolate, Natural Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, GeranaX, B6 Pyridoxine HCL, Chromium (Amino Nicotinate), Vanadium Chelate

Plexus Slim Accelerator Suggested Use: In the morning, take 1-2 capsules orally with one stick-pack of Plexus Slim once a day. This product is not intended for long term use. It should be taken to help jump start the weight loss benefits of Plexus Slim. Recommended: Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Do not take too late in the day as sleep may be impaired. Do not exceed suggested use.

Warnings: Not intended for expectant or nursing mothers. If you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular condition, please consult with a physician before taking this product. Not intended for children under the age of 18. Avoid taking this product with cold medicines or caffeinated drinks such as coffee, black tea, caffeinated sodas, etc. Each capsule contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of brewed coffee. If unpleasant effects occur, discontinue use.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus SLiM Cost vs Others

Plexus SLiM Cost vs Others

What’s the Difference Between Plexus SLiM Cost and Others?

When it comes down the the best bang for you buck, Plexus SLiM Cost far less than any of it’s competitors. Let’s look at what popular diet plans or products cost vs what Plexus SLiM Cost on a monthly basis.

Nutrisystem – $240 to $300 per month

Jenny Craig – $280 to $680 per month

eDiets – $439 to $558 per month

Zone Diet – $358 per month

Body By Vi – $249 per month

Plexus SLiM Cost $99 per month

The cost of Plexus SLiM if far less than any of the most popular weight loss plans. The main reason is that with Plexus, you do not have to change your daily meal planning. All you have to do is use the Pink Drink once a day and the Plexus Accelerator twice a day (if using the 60 capsule bottles). These other diets use meal replacements, shakes, preplanned/pre-made meals, calorie counting, etc… amongst other things.

Plexus SLiM Journey

My Plexus SLiM Journey - By Steve

As mentioned before, this is my 2nd time going full steam with Plexus SLiM Weight Loss Products. At the beginning of this diet, I weighed 262lbs. It was long overdue for me to get back on track and so I decided to go regular with Plexus SLiM, Accelerator (using the 60ct bottle), ProBio5 and Bio Cleanse. At this point, I have lost nearly 20lbs and I weigh in between 242 and 244 depending on when I weigh myself. I have not increased my daily activities, the only change that was made has been the application of Plexus SLiM.

My carb cravings diminished to nearly none at all. The things I desire to eat fall along the protein line rather than carbohydrates. Water intake went up like crazy, I didn’t need energy drinks or sodas anymore because my body just didn’t want them anymore. Basically, give me eggs and bacon for breakfast followed up with grilled chicken and salad for lunch and whatever the wife had prepared for dinner. Portion sizes were smaller because of the reduced appetite, only ate what I knew that I needed and nothing more nothing less. Plexus SLiM helps give that edge over the cravings and motivates me to want to do better.

There were a few challenges that my body faced in the first few days of my new diet. Since I had never taken the Bio Cleanse or ProBio5, I did experience a CLEANSING effect to say the least. I couldn’t tell you which product caused the “movements” because I started both at the same time but I would assume the Bio Cleanse more than the ProBio5. After 3 or 4 days, this “side effect” went away and my body became regular, which is not something I am use to. Sorry for the details but I wanted you to know that not everything is going to feel perfect at the start. Different people experience different things in those first few days but the abnormal feeling will go away if given the chance. I stuck with it and look at the results for both the current diet and my previous one.

I know from previous results that my weight loss will begin to slow down. Previous Plexus SLiM Diet, I lost 25lbs followed up by 10lbs and in the 3rd month 5lbs without exercising.

Original Weight 285lbs – Current Weight 230lbs – As of 5/6/2014

How To Take Plexus SLiM

(This is the way I did it and application may vary for you)

  • Every morning with breakfast, I drink a full glass of water with an accelerator, 2x ProBio5 and 2x Bio Cleanse
  • For lunch I would have another Plexus Accelerator with a full glass of water
  • Just before dinner, I have my Plexus SLiM Drink with 2x ProBio5 and 2x Bio Cleanse

To explain why I took each at these times, well… Plexus Accelerator in the morning replaced the typical coffee or energy drink, coupled with the cleansers to better regulate my processing systems. The accelerator in the afternoon around lunch time helps get me through the “hump” of the day where typically I would get drowsy after eating. Taking the Plexus SLiM Pink Drink at supper time or at night (depending on work schedule) helped keep my evening munchies down and water intake up.

Please keep in mind that not everyone will experience the same results and depending on how much excess fat you have will also determine your total weight loss. Visit Weight Loss Tips for information that will assist you in your diet.